It's June! It's almost summer!

I'm so glad it's nearly summer. Exams are coming up, but after that I will be free to relax. Relax, you know, like job hunting and order packing and advertising and craft fairs? Yeah...relaxing summer. Well, it'll be a change from school anyway.

Here are my top five Entrecard droppers for May. Thanks for stopping by my blog so often guys!

And thanks to all my commenters too, and everyone who has entered the giveaway. There's still time if you haven't entered yet: It ends June 10th.

If you haven't been to my shop recently, check it out! I've got a new banner and avatar, from Black Arrow Designs. He worked with me til I got exactly the banner I wanted, and I am so pleased with the results! He's done some great banners for other people too, so if you're thinking of a custom Etsy shop banner or other graphics, do check out Blackarrowdesigns on Etsy.

I made yarn by Joyuna handspun handpainted hand dyed yarn for knitting on Etsy



  1. I love the new banner and avatar:) Looks great- money well spent.

  2. Thanks for the link-love :)


  3. Dear Joy,

    Thanks for inquiring about the contest on my blog. The winner was Bethany from Texas. Look for new giveaways on my blog soon.


  4. I will go and check out your shop now. I lvoe hand made stuff. I used to crochet a lot when I was younger.

  5. Oh yay, thanks so much for the linky love, happy dropping! :)

  6. I love visiting your blog and seeing what you're knitting! I'm so envious of your sock knitting skills. My first attempt at knitting a sock has been sitting on the needles for months, waiting for me to attempt the heel.