Adgitize May payment

I got my first payment from Adgitize recently - a little over $20. I can highly recommend the Adgitize program to bloggers interested in advertising, especially those who also use Entrecard. Many blogs have both, so I do my EC drops and Adgetize clicks at the same time with very little extra effort.

$14 gives you a month of advertising across a diverse blog network - it's probably most effective if you're not as niche as my blog is, but it does bring in some additional traffic and I'm hoping that some of that is quality traffic.

Adgitize your web site.

What you get back from Adgitize is based on a points system, with a maximum of 500 points a day. These points depend on blog posts, site hits, ad views, ad clicks, and whether you're an advertiser or not. If you become an Adgitize advertiser, you're likely to make back a good chunk of the money you spent on advertising, or like I did, even more. I basically made 6 bucks by advertising on Adgitize... which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Adgitize is a new, growing ad network with a little over 100 advertisers at present. If you plan on advertising your blog anyway, I would definitely consider Adgi because with not a lot of effort you can make back what you spent on your ad. And advertising doesn't get any cheaper than free. :)

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  1. sounds like something I should look into. I use Project Wonderful, and get money earned back, without having to spend money. I like that arrangement a lot!