Simply brainless socks

Finished the 'brainless' socks. :) Finishing them in just 11 days, they are my second quickest socks to date, the first being my socks for the boy.

Yarnissima Brainless cabled knitted orange green and brown socks

These are the first pair of toe-up heel flap socks that I have knit that really fit me well. The other heel flap socks I've done have been based on Cat Bordhi's pathways model, which seems to be loose in the heel for me and a little too long.

I got to learn cabling without a cable needle for this pattern, and it really wasn't that bad. It helps that the cables are very simple, all going in the same direction and only 4 stitches wide.

The yarn is something from my stash, Lane Cervinia Calzetteria in an orange, brown and green print. I like it, it's very nice autumnish colors, and I'm happy to report that the variegation doesn't obscure the cables too much, and looks fabulous on the stockinette portion of the sock.

Since I finished these, I have now started Yarnissima's new mystery sock pattern, Kiila. It's going well, and I'll have pictures soon. I'm very excited to start the beautiful cabled gusset, and to see what the leg looks like (the fourth clue is released on Friday).



  1. Those are great socks!! Love the color.

  2. they look real warm - great job!

  3. nice work! knitting takes a lot of patience!

  4. They do look great:) You are one brave and patient girl. I knit a pair of knee socks once and that was the first and last pair I've ever made. I'm sure it gets addicting, but I think I have knitting ADD. Haha.

  5. Those are gorgeous! Your comment that this pattern is a good choice to learn about construction is a good point - I might be moving this up in my queue!

  6. Nice post thanks for sharing