Just dyed: Cool Colors

I'm posting my latest batch of hand-dyed yarns in small spurts... It may be a while before I get them all listed, due to my busy end-of-the-quarter schedule. Exams are soon, and you can bet I am studying (that is, if I'm not knitting). But in the meantime, I wanted to show off the colorways I've created for this batch in case any of them catch your eye. I've divided the yarns into two groups, warm and cool. These are my cool colors:

Hand dyed handpainted lace yarns in cool colors green blue purple

Chlorophyll - A semisolid green, ranging from mint to grass to yellowish green. Lace weight.
Grass Stains - A yellow-green base with spots of grassy green, like its namesake. Merino-silk sock, fingering weight.
Aqua Vitae - "Water of Life". Clear blue with spots of darker teal. Merino lace yarn.
Birch - One of my favorites, though it was sort of an accident. Mauve with light gray, and a few small spots of green. Sock weight.

I'm photographing and posting these yarns as quick as I can. They'll be up in I made yarn soon. Contact me if you're interested in a yarn I haven't listed yet and I'll set up a reserved listing for you.

By the way, I got a shoutout by the St. Louis Green Living Examiner, Annie Mueller. Needless to say I totally agree with her stance of supporting handmade! She also featured some other great knitting shops, and will be running a regular column on great handmade sellers.


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