Delicious cashmere Kiila socks

Since finishing 'brainless', I have started another Yarnissima sock pattern. Brainless was the first toe-up heel flap gusset sock that fit me really well, and the cables weren't that difficult, so I'm looking forward to knitting more Yarnissima socks in the future.

I've started Yarnissima's mystery sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous on Ravelry, which is called Kiila (Finnish for 'gusset'). It's knit in my own hand-dyed cashmere merino sock yarn, Palladium Luxury Sock, in the colorway 'Canary's Song'.

If you're interested in seeing how this colorway and the other semisolid yarns should knit up, here is what it looks like:

Yarnissima Kiila cabled handknit knitted sock in yellow orange semisolid Canary's Song cashmere sock yarn by Joyuna

I love semisolid yarns like this. They knit up so beautifully, with all the fun of variegated yarn without obscuring intricate cables or lace patterns. In fact, they can even accentuate the pattern.

I'm working on the gusset on one, and the foot on the other. Working the socks two-at-a-time is great for low-attention-span me. I don't feel like reading a chart? Just switch to the other sock, where I can mindlessly knit away.

Clue 4 is released on Friday, which I think is the last clue(?). That works out great, because even though I started this mystery sock late, I don't have to wait around for clues, but I still get the fun of the knitalong and some of the "mystery". I think I'm too impatient to cast on at the beginning of the month if I can't finish them til the end of the month. ;)



  1. They are wonderful, love the color and they look so so comfy! A treat for your feet.

  2. Its a beautiful yarn, lovely color!