The name "Joyarna", and a quick cartoon

I did a Google search for "joyarna", and noticed something odd. Most of the results were about me and this blog, which is what I expected, since it's a name I made up. However, I also got a few results in Swedish. Huh?

Thanks to the international connections of the internet, I got a friend of a friend's answer that joyarna isn't really a word in Swedish, but if it were, it would mean something like "the joys". -ar is a plural ending, and -na is a definite article. Joy-ar-na = the Joys, in "Swenglish".

I looked back over my Swedish results, and they seemed to be gaming sites. They were talking about controllers...

Completely unintentionally, I believe that my blog's name means "the joysticks" in Swedish. :)

As to the actual origin, I made it up because my internet alias is Joyuna, and I talk about yarn. A portmanteau of the two most important things about the blog. Pretty simple, and hopefully descriptive. Though it probably doesn't garner as many Google hits as "Knitting Yarn Blog Website Knit Handknit Knitted Yarn Wool Blog" ;) But I've always been bad at search engine optimization.

And here's a morning funny for you:

I think my hair needs re-blocking - Joy's messy hair - kniting comic cartoon humor

~Joy has bedhead

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