Happy Easter

Angora rabbit easter bunny

As a dirty heathen, Easter doesn't mean very much to me (chocolate, fertility icons, Jesus). But if Easter is important to you, then I hope you have a happy one. And to the rest of you, happy Cadbury Egg Day.



  1. Don't forget the after holiday candy sales! Hellooooo-o easter chocolate! Happy strange holiday from one heathen to another.

  2. Thanks for hopping over to my site (LOL). I was thinking that with your yarn you could incorporate felted soap. I plan on posting a tutorial on it but there are many on the web. I love the colors of your yarn vibrant.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my necklace. :)
    They were wet felted, but then I went back and did some needle felting to fix the button clasp part.
    I don't pay that much attention to Easter either.And I've been trying to eat healthy so that ruins all the chocolate for me, haha. My boyfriends waiting for it to all go on sale tomorrow. :9

  4. And a happy Cadbury egg day to you too! (We heathens gotta stick together!)

    ~ Rhonda