Entrecard's new policies...

If you use Entrecard, you no doubt have noticed the changes implemented in the past few days. Entrecard has started using a paid ad system, where 50% of the advertising on your widget is an EC ad, and 50% is a paid ad for which we receive no compensation.

I have decided that, for the time being, I will not be accepting paid ads on my Entrecard widget. If I want to sell ad space on my blog, or indeed buy ad space, I will use my preferred advertising program, Project Wonderful. I know that these first few days of the new EC advertising program have been rocky, but I will not be participating in the system until they get it ironed out. They say they are "paying" us by putting in a new credit cashout feature, but nearly all of my credits go towards placing EC ads, so I do not really have credits to cash out. I will not let EC sell advertising space on my blog without compensating me for it.

If they make some changes to the paid ad system, great, I may accept paid ads in the future. But right now, with the system being the way it is (ie, a clusterfuck), I am letting the ads paid for with EC credits get 100% of their advertising time on my blog.


Edited to add: It has come to my attention that some paid ads are still running on my widget. I had cancelled all my previously approved paid ads that were on my dashboard. I have made this known to Entrecard, and hope to get this fixed ASAP. I apologize to my advertisers.


  1. I am interested to hear about this. I was not sure what the "paid ads" column meant - but have been Google searching trying to figure it out for the past couple of days. Now that I know, I will just go in and cancel all the ones I have already approved.

  2. Nicely stated.

    I've decided to do away with the EC widget. I found some great sites through using EC, but also lost the PR that the blog had... due to the bounce rates - darn those drop and run sorts.

  3. Thank you for clearing that up! I'm being ripped off! Back to the drawing board....

  4. I agree! It annoys me that we see no compensation whatsoever for allowing these paid ads to run. I'm right there with ya and am totally boycotting them. I won't be dropping entrecard simply because i do enjoy finding new blogs and am certainly seeing an increase in traffic to my blog...even if they are just dropping and running...some of those have to stick, right? lol

  5. I agree we are getting ripped off. I am however going to stick around for awhile and see what happens.

  6. I would never have found you without Entrecard but I'm finding the paid ad thing to be a headache. I thought we'd at least be compensated with EC for paid adds but we aren't. I'm thinking of giving up on entrecard all together. It was fun while it lasted.