Anniversary and Etsy Day Special

Three years ago today, in the early morning US time and the less-early morning UK time, my boyfriend and I became... My boyfriend and I. And if all goes according to plan, in about a year and a half I'll be starting grad school in the UK, with him finally by my side.

Happy anniversary sweetie.

By the way, since today is Etsy day, I'm offering 20% off one item when you place an order from my shop today. Just write 'Happy Etsy Day' in the message to seller. Happy Etsy Day! :) Tell all your friends about and encourage them to buy handmade.



  1. I'm glad you guys are still together. Good on you both. :]

    (P.S. this is Eeg)

  2. Hey Eegy! ^^ Thanks. How are you these days?

  3. Pretty good, for the most part. Got a few weeks and a year left on my modern lit BA. (I'm learning Middle Egyptian and hieroglyphs right now and it makes me think of you, haha.) Got bored this morning and figured I'd look some people up! How about yourownself, Miss Joydar?

  4. I'm great :) As mentioned, still with Lewis... Graduating next spring and doing grad school in the UK (hopefully - either University of London or Manchester), making yarn and stuff and selling it on Etsy, designing my own knitting patterns... Life's pretty grand. :)

  5. Just what I would expect from our Joy. :] It's been a while, I miss the old crowd sometimes but having something of an outside life is nice as well, so it's a give-and-take, y'know? (I hope this-all doesn't seem like creepy-lonely-stalker crap. JOYYYY I NEED YOUR EYEBALLS FOR MY PRIVATE COLLECTION)

    Oh, if it doesn't seem too third-grade or weird, how about being penpals? Getting mail isn't only fun for me, right? And then we can write each other about the stupid minutiae of life and, uh, have USPS pillow fights?

  6. That'd be ab fab :D I knew there was a reason I was gonna stock up on Forever Stamps before the rates went up. Email me.