Sneak attack!

Oh wow, I had an amazing surprise last night. The Handmade Movement pulled a sneak attack on me, hosted by Winemakerssister!

I checked my email to find my inbox overflowing with orders, all my very first ones. I want to thank each and every one of you who participated, and everyone who has participated in any other sneak attacks. What you are doing really brightens people's day!

The Etsy community is just outstanding. While I'm not overwhelmed with the design or management of the site itself (I guess Ravelry has spoiled me), the people are great. On big sites like eBay, sellers are more like companies. On Etsy, sellers are people. And I really appreciate that, from the perspective of a buyer as well as a seller.

Last night I spent most of the evening in an excited haze, organizing out my orders. Read more below.

My orders from Etsy due to the Sneak Attack

And today, after a quick trip to CVS (I wasn't expecting all these orders, so my packing supplies were lacking!), I packed everything up.

My packages ready to mail

Everything has been shipped. Thank you all!

Coming soon in the shop, a few more knitted sachets, some stuff I knit a while back that's waiting at home (a shawl, a few scarves, a few misc. items), and SOCK YARN! Yay!


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