I hate Navajo plying and it hates me back

Knitting and spinning humor cartoon about Navajo plying on a spindle

I love spinning. Sadly my spindle is packed away at the moment, as I'm leaving for Columbus this afternoon to go back to my dorm and start winter quarter tomorrow. x.x;

It will be interesting seeing what reactions I get from people who see me spinning at school. My room's door is almost always open, and occasionally when people walk by seeing me knitting they will comment on it. I know just how strange my spinning must look to someone who's never seen it before, because that's how I was just last month!

I'm still not very good at using my spindle. I tried Navajo plying a few nights ago... it was not pretty. I'm fairly sure I put plenty of twist in when I'm spinning, but whenever I'm plying, or winding my singles into a hank, or anything afterwards, my singles will come unspun and break (as illustrated above).

I'm still having fun, though. I bought a half-pound of black wool and 4oz of white wool from Windy's World, a cute little shop about 15 minutes east of me in Williamsburg, OH. They sell all sorts of things, including roving, sewing supplies, handspun yarn, and handmade candles. I picked up a big bottle of Eucalan and a little votive candle when I went as well.

Part of the black wool I plan to ply with something else, the rest I'm not sure what I'll do with yet. The white wool, however, would not stay white for long. It was sacrificed at the altar for my first dyeing experiments. *grins*

I'll have some photos later on... Alas, my camera too is packed away at the moment.


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