Attention: Patternfish is closing

Patternfish will cease selling patterns on 31 May, 2019.

If you have bought any patterns through Patternfish, now is a good time to check your account and make sure you have downloaded them.

According to their website:
We will continue to make our customers’ stashes accessible to them to the end of 30 June, 2019, in order to provide them with time to save their purchased patterns to their personal hard drives.

However, they do not seem to have communicated thiss via email, so unless you checked the Patternfish website or Ravelry group, you may well have missed it.

I am saddened by this news. Competition within an industry makes it stronger, and in recent years the pattern-selling landscape has shrunk and become less accessible to smaller designers, after a majority of Craftsy pattern shops being closed and the Knitpicks IDP becoming more selective last year.

In addition to that, Patternfish prided itself on hosting many exclusive patterns, and the future of those designs and resources is uncertain. I would hate to think that access to these may be lost. Patternfish hosts some weaving resources, for example, which would not be able to be sold through Ravelry or Loveknitting. I wish all designers the best with the transition to new channels, and I thank the staff at Patternfish for their hard work over the years.

As for myself, I'm sad to see it go, but you will still find my patterns on Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Etsy.

By the way, if you did buy any of my patterns on Patternfish, and would like them in your Ravelry library, send me an email with proof of purchase (to joyuna at and I'll sort it out. :)


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