Moving on from Google Reader

It's sad, but it's true - Google Reader is being discontinued in less than two weeks. If you're a Google Reader user, I'm sure you have already marked your calendar for July 1.

Google Reader discontinued error message
I have to admit I've been stubborn - "OK"? No, it's not okay! (I'm doubly bitter because they're killing off iGoogle in a few months, too...) I keep logging in to Reader, and maybe I will continue to do so until the bitter end. I have been exploring other options, though -- here are some things you can try to keep up with this blog and other ones, now that Reader is biting the dust.

  1. Other RSS readers.
    • This is the obvious choice. But the tricky bit is deciding which one.
      I've tried out The Old Reader and CommaFeed, which are both pretty good, but also experiencing growing pains with the exodus of Reader users. There are lots of options out there depending on what you need - try out a few readers and decide what you like best. Here's a list of 10 other alternatives to try. It's easy to import your Reader data by downloading it from Google Takeout.
  2. Your blogging platform's Follow feature.
    • Blogger has a Follow feature (on your dashboard, scroll down for your "reading list" and I hear Wordpress has a similar functionality. It's not too sophisticated, but if you don't need a lot of bells and whistles then this could work for you. This blog's Google Friend Connect widget is located in the sidebar, underneath the tag cloud and labelled "Followers".

      If you don't have a blog yourself, there are also other services that could work for you, like Networked Blogs which has a Facebook app.
  3. Subscribe via Email.
    • Email subscription is simple, widespread, and depending on your email service you can even tag and auto-sort things into folders. This blog has several different email subscription options. Over on the Newsletter Signup Page, you can opt-in to Design Updates and/or to a Weekly Blog Digest, where all the posts for the week are emailed to you every Tuesday. Or, to get posts as they come, sign up below.

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  4. Subscribe via Kindle.
  5. Follow on Twitter or Facebook.
    • A lot of bloggers have their latest posts auto-posted to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. You can follow my latest posts by following @Joyarna (this account is all blog posts and design announcements, so I promise it won't fill up your stream with chatter :) or by Liking Joy Gerhardt Designs on Facebook.

Whatever you choose, it's going to take some time to get used to - but this doesn't have to be the end of your prolific blog-reading.



  1. I have moved on to The Old Reader. It seems to work okay if I open it in a tab and leave that tab open all day. If I close the tab and try to check it again later, it's inevitably down.

    I will say that Google announced they were shuttering the iGoogle homepage feature as of last November 1st. But - shh, don't tell anyone - mine is still working today.

    1. Yeah, it weirds me out that they announced the sunsetting of iGoogle ages ago but iGoogle will still be around after Reader is gone. Because Reader involves so much more stored data, I guess...?