Romney lace, hot off the spindle

An FO! An FO! It feels like I never finish anything these days, just start new things and leave the old to the wayside.

Does it count as an FO if it's only yarn? I don't know. I don't care. It's a spinning FO to me. It's a finished object, and that object is a skein of yarn.

Handspun on a spindle Romney sheep luster longwool lace yarn

2 skeins for one project. The white is locks from my British Romney fleece. The grey is Romney, too - American Romney leftover from the American breeds workshop I went to. It's just a tiny bit, 5g or so, but I thought it would be nice to use the two Romneys in a project together.

I am totally jealous of all these American colored Romneys, by the way - practically every American Romney fleece I see on Ravelry is some beautiful shade of gray or brown! I only ever see white around here.
Romney wool fine laceweight yarn in grey and white handspun

The gray locks were markedly different from the white - I don't know how much of it is the US/UK difference, and how much is just variation between fleeces. The gray wasn't quite as long, and with not as tight a crimp. The gray Romney was thoroughly scoured, while there was still some lanolin left in the locks that I processed myself - so the spinning process was also different.

I plan to use these two cousins together in a shawl - Emanuela is my current top choice - striping the gray & white for the body portion, and the lace border being all in white.



  1. That is a spectacularly fine yarn with great sheen! I'd say that spinning is still FO, and homespun doesn't burden the stash...

  2. That definitely counts as an FO! Nice work!