TECHKnitter, my knitting hero

A minor bout of insomnia last night compelled me to do an archive binge of the TECHknitting blog. TECHknitting is one of the blogs I return to time and time again - if you haven't visited before, it's well worth a browse. And if you have, it's well worth another look!

Each post has something useful inside - many practical quick tips such as what to do when your stockinette is uneven, tightening up the backwards loop cast-on, ways of adding elastic to socks and how to do "stranding" only working one color at a time.

Some posts are more theoretical, exploring what knitted fabric is or why stockinette curls.

Many tricks I've picked up from TECHknitting I've put into my knitting repertoire - such as increasing my efficiency of movement, stopping the old color showing through when changing colors in ribbing, and short-row shoulder shaping. And I've learned some new things just now, too - like the proper way to perform that pesky continental purl stitch and the fact that center-pull balls affect twist (the question is, how much? and is it enough to affect the yarn? Hm, this calls for an experiment...)


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