The New

You might have noticed a few months back that I switched from blogspot to my own domain (never fear, all links and bookmarks will still work). That was a preliminary step towards... (drumroll, trumpets fanfare)

My new website! Welcome to

Joy Gerhardt Knitting Designs Joyuna's designer website

It isn't much, but it's mine. I broke out my rusty HTML and even learned a bit of CSS along the way, too. As such I'm a little more proud of it than I ought to be, for what it is, which is nothing more than a brief bio and portfolio for the time being.

But in time I hope to make it into an all-in-one source for all my design stuff, including a much more polished online shopfront than the current one.

What's new with me? Well, I haven't been knitting much lately (more on that in a future post), I've got a few designs stuck in the publishing pipeline which should hopefully be released soon, and I'm working on a few self-publishing projects - one of which will go public very soon, provided I get it done in time. :) See you soon!


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