Knitted Planters for Eco-Yarnbombing

There's been some yarnbombing going on in my area lately - or the 'Phantom Knitter', as the press have dubbed her/him. Knitting cozies for lamp posts and trees is great, but you know what I think is even better?

Knitted plant pockets yarnbombing guerilla knitting handmade graffiti succulents

Knitted plant pockets!
Yes, you can knit your own little home for succulents or other plants, then hang them up somewhere that could use a little bit of greenery. Click on over to the links above for a pattern and instructions for the pockets, or try plant pillows where the plants are literally growing out of the knitting. I think those would make great gifts.

This, combined with some moss graffiti, would make an awesome living art project.



  1. Those are flipping cool! I would love to have living yarnbombs around town...

  2. aww what an awesome idea! these look great! =D