FO Friday: Eiffel Tower Shawl

I haven't been able to finish many projects lately (boo!) since I've started working full-time (yay!). So, each time I cast something off, it feels like a real accomplishment - and not least of all this one.

Eiffel Tower Shawl Natalie Servant lace pattern silver alpaca

This is the Eiffel Tower Shawl by Natalie Servant, a wonderful and original pattern. Natalie's design portfolio is full of innovative and interesting lace. This design, modeled after the ironwork patterning on the Eiffel Tower, is a nice change from the more abstract lace I'm used to knitting.

The shawl is not too big, not too small - there are two sizes in the pattern, and this is the smaller one, but it's larger than a typical shawlette. It used about 60g of yarn, which means I have 40g left over for something else!

Silver grey alpaca cashmere silk lace shawl Juno Fibre Arts

I started the shawl just before I went on holiday to Paris, last April - so the shawl took just over a year to knit, though it was hibernating for much of that time. I blogged quite extensively about that short trip: taking in the Parisian shopping (Japanese bookshops in Paris), and the many fantastic museums I visited, learning about Art, History, and Science.

Needless to say, I didn't get much knitting done on that trip! The few short days we had were jam-packed with sightseeing, and I have a ton of great memories of that trip. This shawl will continually remind me of that trip.

Junofibrearts from Loop Islington Alice Lace yarn intricate lace shawl

The yarn is Juno Fibre Arts Alice Lace, which I picked up at Loop in London. It's a dreamy blend of alpaca, cashmere, and silk, soft as anything, dyed in a beautiful silver shade (only just barely semisolid).

Modeling small lace shawl Eiffel Tower ironwork pattern

I'm planning on making this my 'office shawl' -- the alpaca yarn, though light, should still be nice and warm to shield me against the frigid office air-con. The grey will go with nearly anything and it's big enough to cuddle in but small enough not to be a bother. I'm so happy with it!


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