Knitting for Victory: Kickstart it!

I've found a fascinating knitting Kickstarter - Knitting for Victory, America's Knitting History 1916-1945.

Life Magazine wwii Knitting for Victory production corps

This looks to be a great, informative book about the Production Corps - knitters for victory in the first and second world wars. Not only will this be a history book, but it will also feature 25 updated patterns from the time period. Sweet!

I love knitting history, vintage patterns (er, sometimes) and knitting Kickstarter projects - when I donated to the Cooperative Press Kickstarter campaign, not only did I get a great informative book, I got warm fuzzies in helping out an awesome publishing company - and every time I see what Cooperative Press has been up to, I know I made the right decision!

There's just under two weeks left to fund it, so get in there are knit your bit!


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