I've pledged to work on UFOs and knit down my stash this year, and sometimes it can be disheartening to do all that work without seeing progress. I'm a very visual person so seeing things in front of me can give me a real sense of accomplishment.

You've probably seen Knitmeter widgets before, on people's blogs or Ravelry profiles. I finally decided to get one, to track my progress this year. How many miles will I knit in 2012? How much will I spin?

Stash knit down progress this year

Spinning progress this year on my spindle

The Knitmeters were very easy to set up - the only thing that could make it better if it were integrated with Ravelry for automatic yardage-updating. But it only takes a minute to update the site with my recent projects, and then I get a much better big-picture view of my knitting and spinning progress so far.



  1. That's a need application to have, but I'm afraid I would see that I'm buying and spinning more than I'm knitting...

  2. that is so cool!!!! I want one! Although, I knit tiny projects so it will take me forever!!!!