Another Knitpicks Haul

Since I'm back in the US visiting my family for the holidays, I've made another USA Knitpicks order.

In case you didn't know, Knit Picks is discontinuing several popular yarn lines this season including Telemark, the sportweight wool yarn, and Merino Style, the 100% merino yarn. I love Telemark - it's a hardy yarn that softens up great after a wash. I used it in a steeked sweater before, where the stickiness of the wool came in handy, and I think it would be great for colorwork as well. I hadn't tried Merino Style before, but I'd heard very good things about it.

So, I made an order - I wanted to practice my colorwork, so I got some Merino Style in Dusk from the website and some in Crocus from a Raveler's stash.

Knit Picks Merino Style Dusk dark navy blue woolKnit Picks KP bright yellow crocus merino style yarn

I splurged on a sweater's worth of Telemark (it was on sale) in Alpine Frost. Not certain on what pattern to use for this yet... It's got great stitch definition, and would be lovely in cables. I already know it makes beautiful solid stockinette fabric.
Telemark Peruvian Wool Alpine frost colorway medium blue solid color yarn

And finally, the big one... I purchased enough Palette in two shades for a colorwork sweater. Ann Kingstone's Pemberley, to be precise, from her Novel Knits book.
Knit Picks Palette colorwork Regal Lantana red purples warm burgundy

I was very worried about my color selection - even with only two colors. Imagine if I had to choose more colors which all coordinated with each other... I chose two red-purples, Regal (dark) and Lantana (light). Happily, they go together lovely, just as I had imagined. With Knit Picks' annoying habit of switching up their color selection every season, it's difficult to find other people's pictures of the yarns to make sure that the colors go together right. But my leap of faith succeeded (and even if it hadn't, I'd only be out $30 or so).



  1. Gorgeous colors! How wonderful that you were able to take advantage of this opportunity. I love shopping on the road when I can, too.

  2. great choice of colors!

    shopping for yarn is just one of the neatest things to do.

    i imagine only a knitter or a crocheter would understand that.

  3. a special visit from Philippines! nice blog. :)