KNIT Mag Sock Club Wollmeise Shipment!

Yesterday I got another shipment from the Knit Magazine Sock Club. This is a special shipment, because the yarn this time is Wollmeise! I've gotten some Wollmeise before - the Twin sock yarn direct from her site and some Lace from Knit Nation - but I won't say no to more! Claudia's colors are wonderfully saturated, and I love the generously sized skeins.

Rohrspatz and Wollemeise Brombere German sock club 100% merino sock yarn 150g red

The base is 100% Merino, which feels a little bit softer than the Twin I've used before. But, it doesn't have any nylon content, so I'm not sure whether I'll use it for socks. The color is Brombeere, which is absolutely to die for. It's the kind of color I wouldn't buy for myself, but it's really gorgeous.


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