More Egyptian Fiber at the Petrie Museum

Petrie Museum historic wooden high whorl hand spindles

I didn't just see socks at the Petrie Museum at University College London - I noticed a few other interesting bits of textile as well.
Ancient Egyptian top whorl drop spindles history

Right next to the socks was a collection of spindles - these are what first caught my attention. You'll notice one of them has a hook - meaning it was used as a high-whorl spindle.
Flax skein and balls of ancient egyptian yarn

There were also some balls of vegetable fiber yarn, made from flax or rushes. It boggles the mind that this sort of stuff has survived over the centuries - textiles are terribly fragile, compared to say artifacts made from stone or metal or even wood.

There was even some intact netting made with similar thread - the caption says this netting is made "with fine thread and complicated knots".
Egyptian historical textiles extant sample of flax netting

See all of my Egyptian textile photos from the Petrie museum on Flickr.


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