k1 Yarns in Edinburgh

I went up to Edinburgh this past weekend to visit some of my friends - one of whom is a knitter. So, as she was showing me around the city, we took a look at one of their yarn shops, k1 yarns. K1 is great because it has some real Scottish yarns, perfect souvenirs for my trip.

K1 fine yarns boutique Edinburg stash haul

It's a small shop but it has nice stuff. There are a good number of Artesano & Manos del Uruguay yarns as well as some Jamesons, in addition to the local yarns. I can get those back home though, so I picked up some Scottish wool and Orkney Angora.

I got two skeins of Scappa Aran, which is 100% Scottish Shetland Wool. I got one skein of purple and one of white, which I'm planning on knitting a toy out of. I also got some naturally-colored Orkney Angora 4ply, which is soft as a dream. And look at the halo on this stuff!
Orkney Scottish Islands Angora wool incredible 4-ply lace yarn Scotland

I think it will make a lovely lace scarf or small shawl. It's so, so soft and sweet.



  1. Looks gorgeous. I don't know if it still true but I remember my mother's comment about knitting angora that it fluffs so much during knitting it can be extremely iritating. Her secret to combat this was to keep the yarn in the fridge/freezer before use to keep the shedding to a minimum.

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with the white yarn.