Fiber sampler order from Wingham Wool Works

I already got a lot of different types of fiber for my sampler project, but I also got several more from Wingham Wool Works. Wingham is nice because they offer samples of all their fibers, from 50p-£1 a pop. So it's an easy way to try a lot of different fibers, including some rare exotics. They also stock some fibers that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Spinning fibre sample pack wool sheep breeds cashmere yak

The big bags are 400g of carded Falkland fleece and 200g of natural-colored New Zealand wool from their Haunui flock (New Zealand Halfbred and Romney). I'll be using samples of those in my project, but they're also for larger spinning projects.

The little bag of cinnamon fluff is something very special - 10g of vicuna fiber! You may remember I saw a taxidermy vicuna on my trip to Paris. Vicuna fiber is very rare and very fine. Also, very expensive - so I only got 10g to try.

All the other little bags are my sample packs. I got a few more sheep breeds: Cotswold, Dorset Horn, Lincoln, Whitefaced Woodland, Manx Loughtan, and Shropshire, and some more exotic fibers: Yak and Mongolian Cashmere.

I'm thrilled to try all these fibers out! I'm really looking forward to getting a feel for the variety of different sheep breeds.


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