USA Haul: Knit Picks books & notions

I got a few other things with my Knit Picks order, too:

Knitpicks Knit Picks view sizer gauge measure swatch t-pins rustproof pins order unboxing

I got a set of T-pins for blocking, since all my old ones were rusted (even though they were nominally rustproof...).

I got a view sizer, which is a combination of a needle gauge and a gauge measure -- it's got all the needle sizes, including the in-between sock sizes 1.5 and 2.5 (2.5mm and 3mm, respectively). It also has an inch and centimeter ruler with a see-through window marked with lines at 4" and 10cm, for easy tension measuring.

And, I got two books - one stitch dictionary and one lace pattern book.

50 Fabulous Knit Ripple Stitches
by Rita Weiss is a slim stitch dictionary, but one that I will find very useful -- it contains nothing but ripple or chevron stitches, the kind that form a wavy fabric that looks great in self-striping yarn. Designing for stripes is a fun challenge, but sometimes one feels that it's all the same thing over and over. While many of the stitches in this book are similar to each other, there are a few gems that I will be very interested in trying out.

I've wanted Nancy Bush's Knitted Lace of Estonia ever since it came out. There are several shawls in it that I want to knit, plus lots of interesting information on the lace tradition in Estonia, and a small collection of traditional lace stitch patterns included in the back. I am so pleased to have this book finally as a part of my knitting library.


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