My love-hate relationship with cables

I have a confession to make: I don't enjoy cables.

I keep designing things with cables, I keep knitting them, I keep adding them to my queue... but I honestly do not really enjoy knitting them. I don't like fiddling with a cable needle, I don't like having to remember which way the twists go, when I tried cabling without a cable needle, I didn't like letting the stitches drop off the needle. I don't like reordering stitches and I don't like how cables make it hard to count rows. I'm a tight knitter, and cables are darn fiddly. Working a cable also interrupts the flow of knitting.

Cable knitting cableknit wristband techniques

Yet... I love cables. I love the way they look, the possibilities of ropy braids, of intricate twists and turns, of pleated fabric and of lovely, distinct lines on a purl-bump plain. They're gorgeous. I keep designing cables. And I wish I could stop. Arg!
Cabled alessandrite alexandrite knitted sock pattern

The more I work with cables, though, the easier it gets. Working twisted stitches (single-stitch cables) is quite simple without a cable needle, and keeping a short hairstick on hand (or behind the ear) makes larger cables less of a pain. The design possibilities of cables are so alluring, so I won't be quitting cables anytime soon.



  1. Haha...that's kind of a funny story. I feel the same about sewing. I knit and knit and knit away until I have an endless pile of new bags. Trouble is, I have to line them before they are finished, so then all I've done is created an endless pile of sew-hate to work through!

    I'd love to see a picture of your spindle with the pressed rose resin in it. And I vaguely remember one...did you post it before or am I just imagining it????

  2. I'm a tight knitter (and crocheter). I'm also a beginner..well maybe not beginner, but I know I'm not an intermediate or professional knitter or crocheter.

    But I am learning that, it makes a difference when you are a tight knitter compared to a non-tight knitter.

    Anyway, keep on cabling. I like the look as well. If I knew how to make some I'd probably be in the same quandry you are..deciding on whether or not to keep up with them or never touch them again.