Cooperative Press Kickstarter Campaign

There are just a few days left in Cooperative Press' Kickstarter fundraising campaign - they've already met their initial goal, but the more money they can raise, the more indie knitting design projects they can put out!

Cooperative Press Co-operative indie knitting publishing kickstart Knitgirl guide to professional knitting design

I've already kicked in my bit, and I strongly encourage you to do so too. Besides the warm fuzzy feeling, they're also giving out some really special thank you gifts - you can donate a little or a lot. Donating $10 or more gives you a copy of the The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design, or donating $175 gets you a pair of handknit socks ;) The prizes are all across the board (I'm really excited for the knitwear design guide, and there are also some pattern offers up for non-designers) so there's lots to choose from.

Do take advantage of this - not only are you supporting publishing opportunities for indie designers (more publishing opportunities = more cool patterns to knit), but you can also snag some nice rewards.


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