Enhancing the fiber stash

I've been yearning for stash recently. I've been a bit unhappy about the fact that I can't just start a project, I have to get the wool first. Sadly, I left most of my stash at my parent's house back in the states - When I go back in the summer, I will reclaim it. But until then, I've been doing a bit of stash enhancement.

Recently I placed an order with Sara's Texture Crafts, a UK-based supplier of yarn and fiber. I already knew about her shop from Etsy, but turns out she has a whole website as well, with a larger selection. There's all sorts of fibers available, including myriad breeds of sheep, dyed and undyed, and at very reasonable prices.

Sara was great to deal with as well; my order was shipped quickly and she even refunded an overage in shipping. So, what was my haul? Click below to see!

Shetland shade pack brown white black moorit gray roving top

I got a 'Shetland shade pack', which is 50g each of four natural colors of Shetland wool: Black, white, gray, and moorit.

Orange yellow hand dyed shetland wool roving

I also got another bump of Shetland wool, this dyed in the colorway 'Sunrise'. Needless to say, I adore this.

Blended merino wool and silk top orange

Nicely coordinating with the dyed Shetland is this merino/silk blend, 'Tropical mango'. It feels delicious and I cannot wait to spin this puppy.

undyed white bleached egyptian cotton sliver support spindle

Here's some Egyptian cotton I bought to spin on my tahkli, along with an indigo dye kit. I'm not sure when I'll get around to dyeing it, but I'm planning on dyeing half (50g) of the sliver, and use the two colors in a colorwork project.

Mawata undyed silk cocoon hankies hanky

Finally, I got some mawata (silk hankies). Sorry for the horrible pic; I haven't even taken them out of the bag yet! I got 40g, and I'm planning on dyeing them at some point. I've never spun hankies before, so it will be interesting. I'm not sure how I will like them; I prefer my silk to be smooth. I could pull a Yarn Harlot and just knit with them straight.


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