She's different from the rest of us, that Belle...

I'm quite excited about my latest spinning project. I'm doing a spinalong by my friend Kathryn, aka CCSmile2006. It's Beauty and the Beast themed, and I have a batt based on Belle's blue dress. It's so great.

CCSmile fiber wool spinning batt belle

I always loved Beauty and the Beast, and Belle was always my favorite princess because she was a reader. People give Disney movies a lot of flack for being less than great role models for girls, but I think Belle is a pretty decent one. She's independent, smart, brave, loves to read, imaginative, and doesn't judge people by appearances.
Blue sparkly bamboo wool faux cashmere nylon spindle spinning fiber batt

Since I'm spinning this for myself, I want it to be more on the practical side, than the artyarn side of the spectrum. This batt has loads of sparklies and half a dozen types of fiber, but I discovered something - I could separate the merino from the rest of the strands of fiber. I've separated this batt into two sections, and I'll be spinning them separately to ply together.
Belle Beauty and the beast spinalong spin a long spinning spindle


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