NaKniSweMo One Week Checkin

The first week of NaKniSweMo is up, and I'm feeling pretty good about my progress.

NaKniSweMo National Knit a Sweater Month Mrs Darcy malabrigo blue cardigan

As of Sunday night, I've finished the neckline decreases and set the body aside to start the sleeves. I've knit a total of 18246 stitches, or an average of 2280 stitches per day.

I've done a ton of math for this sweater! But it's worth it. I'm in love with the pattern, and I want to make sure that it will fit me and look the way I want it. I've reworked the neckline decreases to create a compromise between the ultra-scoop neck of the pattern and the high neckline of Wakenda's mods. It looks like it will work well, but I won't know for sure until it's done.

As I said, I'm keeping a full list of mods for my upsized Mrs. Darcy cardigan on my Ravelry page as I knit.


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