Finished Wings of a Dream shawl in cashmere silk (<3)

So, as I said, my Wings of a Dream was finished just in time for the wedding. I had a lovely time and I think my outfit was fab, if I do say so myself.

Swan lake Wings of a Dream cashmere lace knitted blue shawl

The shawl turned out a good size for me. I don't like huge shawls, and my Wings of a Dream is smaller than the pattern-as-written in two ways: I cut down the center section so it wasn't as long, and I used size US2.5 needles to create a pretty solid fabric out of the thin lace yarn.

The yarn is wonderful, by the way - It's Colourmart cashmere silk, 2/36NM but doubled, which created a nice regular lace weight yarn. It's soft as anything and with a bit of a sheen. My 150 gram cone was 1500 yards, and I still have a ton of the cone left over - I've started an Icarus shawl for my mother with the remainder of the cone.

Knitted lace feathers shawl wings of a dream blue aqua turquoise

I added beads to the last two or three rows of 'feathers', and I think it worked out nicely. I don't have the patience or the desire to ever bead a whole shawl... Beading the edges gives me just enough sparkle to look nice, without driving me totally batty. :)

Ravelry: Joyuna's Wings of a Dream (Mystery Stole 3)
(Remember, there is no Ravelry waiting period anymore! You can sign up immediately. I can't recommend it enough, it's any knitter's or crocheter's dream!)



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