Finished: Travelling Woman scarf

I've been on a real lace kick lately. Since the beginning of the summer, it's practically all I've been knitting. There was the Japanese Feather and Fan shawl, then Aeolian, then Wings of a Dream, and now this:

Malabrigo Sock Botticelli Red Traveling Woman shawl triangular scarf

The pattern is Travelling Woman by Feministy on Ravelry. It's a simple enough small triangular shawl written for sock yarn - a section of stockinette and a section of horseshoe lace. What makes it such a fabulous project are the details: shaping that turn it from a regular triangle to a long, thin scarf, the way the horseshoes line up with the center stitch, the ability to easily modify it and make it as large or small as you like.

The pattern is written for as little as 385 yards of fingering weight yarn, so I made mine slightly larger to take full advantage of my 440-yarn skein of delicious Malabrigo sock.

Traveling Woman shawlette burgundy red Malabrigo light fingering sock weight yarn

It made not quite a shawl but a very perfect scarf - blocked, it turned out almost exactly the length of my armspan (I'm 5"8"). The Malabrigo sock yarn is really luscious, it makes a soft smooth stockinette and the subtle variegation makes the lace pattern shine. I used the colorway Botticelli red, which is a deep red with some soft highlights.



  1. This is lovely! I like the pattern. Lacy, but not TOO much.

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