Finished: Mark's Scarf from RENT

I now have a modeled photo of my finished scarf, based on Anthony Rapp's scarf from the musical RENT. My sister gave it to her boyfriend for his birthday along with a copy of Anthony Rapp's memoir, Without You.

Mark Anthony Rapp scarf Jonathan Larson RENT knittng

It's a simple striped stockinette scarf with fringe, but for the complete pattern how I knit it, see the Rent Scarf Formula here.

I used two balls each of Knit Picks Main Line in Blueberry and Ivory. I had some Ivory left over, but I used up every bit of the blue yarn because of the fringe. The recipient apparently loved the scarf. :)



  1. It looks great! I can barely see it, but I can tell you did a lovely knotting detail on the fringe.

  2. I really like that.. I wish I know how to knit...I can crochet... but I guess if I actually have more time I might be able to learn to do it.

    by the way I just started following your blog I hope you can follow mine too

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  3. That is by far the coolest scarf I have ever seen, and my sister has knitted some pretty awesome scarves (I, myself, cannot knit...).