Feature on Dip Your Toes

I got interviewed over at Dip Your Toes (into something new). I talk about how I got started in spinning, what I do to maintain my shop, and some of my favorite Etsy sellers.

I made yarn by Joyuna shop banner hand dyed knitting wool yarn

I'm busy with dyeing, designing (a lace shawl!), and various part-time job work, as well as preparing for the boy's visit next week (!!!). As soon as I get some spare time I have a few informational articles planned, which should help people, with such intimidating topics as untangling yarn and washing wool socks! Stay tuned...


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  1. Hi Joyuna!
    I just read the interview. It's great to know a little more about you and your craft!
    Also, I have passed on an award to you! Come visit my blog and check it out!