Keeping up with Joyuna

Things are getting quite hectic what with the end of the quarter and all, especially with next week being exams and moveout week. I haven't been blogging as often as I'd like, and I expect the next week to be no different unfortunately. Even though I'm not blogging, you can still get updates about the shop, my crafting and me personally.

Twitter: Joyuna - I use twitter a lot, both about my Etsy shop and about my life in general. You might find it interesting, you might not, totally up to you.
I made yarn, by Joyuna on Facebook - Any major updates and news about the shop are posted here. There are also photos and links, plus you can write on my wall. :)
Joyuna on Ravelry - You have to have an account to see my Ravelry notebook, sorry. I keep all my knitting stuff here, including what projects I'm working on and my ever-growing stash. You can also see how far along I am on my projects, and any comments I have made about them. Ravelry is my favorite website bar none, so if you're a knitter I highly recommend getting an account - not only for networking, but also for the wealth of information in the Ravelry database. There is a waiting list for sign ups, but it should only take a couple days to get your invitation.


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