Featured on Oceanside Creations

There's a feature about me on the Oceanside Creations blog, for 'Behind the Art Monday'... Take a look if you have the time, I've answered some questions about what I do and what inspires me. There's a coupon over there for you too, for 15% off!

Three handknit knitted lavender sachets

By the way, this is my 100th blog post! I have so much fun writing about the stuff I'm working on, so I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who reads this blog, even if you've just stopped by for the first time. :) Blogging is truly addictive, I get to write, show off what I make, vent my frustrations, share my thoughts... I have a blast!



  1. Yes I really enjoy the visiting and writing as well this is a lovely blog I'll be back.

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. yeah i always visit u here...
    goodluck and congrats again

  3. Congratulations on 100 posts!! I hope to read the next 100 :)

  4. Isn't the blogging community great? Congrats on your successes!