Today I had three exams. I had to wake up at 8 (you may laugh, but that's earlier than I've had to wake up all quarter). The first two were back-to-back in the morning, and the third was in the late afternoon. I got out of my last exam at 6:30 or so, came back to my dorm, watched TV on Hulu and knit.

It's now past 10. I'm still knitting...

I've had precious little time for knitting this past week, so I consider it a sort of catch-up evening. I've been working on the Japanese Feather and Fan Shawl, which is going beautifully. I finally ran out of my little 330yd skein of Buffalo Gold, but lucky for me I like all the same colors. I had some Knit Picks Shadow on hand in juniper heather, which is a darker version of nearly the same green. It goes well enough together, and now I don't have to worry about running out of yarn. I was going to fudge and cut out some rows near the end, but now I don't have to. :)

Buffalo Gold bison cashmere lux 13 yarn colorway green PineKnit Picks Shadow merino yarn colorway dark green Juniper Heather

I'll take some pictures and put 'em up when I get the chance, after I'm packed and moved and unpacked again... who knows when that will be. But I'll be sure to post my progress. I may even bind off this week, once I'm out of my dorm.

I've been watching House, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and the new show Glee... what are your favorite things to knit to? Do you knit to TV and movies? How about music? Books? Blogs? ;) I really love to knit to audiobooks too. Librivox.org has some great public domain audiobooks, done all by volunteers for free.



  1. Boo for final exams. :( I always hated finals, especially if I had several one one day. And 8 AM finals are the worst!

  2. Podcasts tend to be my choice while knitting. Sometimes the podcast is a podaudio book - there are really some amazing authors out there who are marketing themselves with free podaudio books. Sometimes my other choice is pure, unadulterated, shameful trash like "Rock of Love" or "Real Housewives of Atlanta." *hanging head in shame*

  3. Wow, I can't wait to see the finished shawl. I knit and crochet to TV and movies - I get to feel like I'm accomplishing 2 things at once, lol!

  4. Wow, glad you're through all of your exams- that sounds like it was tough! I knit to anything...mostly tv. But I've been know to knit for hours in just silence. Boring? I didn't notice, actually:)