Smells yummy - Oh, Soy! - candles

I got an awesome package in the mail... A whole bunch of soy candles ("Oh, Soy!") from Things that Make I won a $25 gift certificate from J. Leigh Designs' blog. Thanks! I got a really nice haul!

Oh Soy Things that make scents candles votives tealights cupcake candles soy wax

Here's what I got with my gift certificate:

-Red Velvet Cupcake Candle
-Orange Caramel Crumble Cupcake Candle (say that five times fast!)
-Cinnamon bun tealights (set of 12)
-Pears & Petals votives (set of 6)

The candles arrived in a pretty large box in comparison with the size of the candles, stuffed to the brim with styrofoam packing peanuts. Hm. Soy candles may be greener than other kinds, but this packaging sure isn't. This is the first time I've ordered candles online however (I usually get them at a store so I can smell them beforehand), so this might be the best way to package them for shipping. There were "FRAGILE" stickers all over the box to keep it from getting knocked around too much.

Cupcake candles. These are too cute! They are the first thing I put in my cart. They even have real sprinkles on them. One thing that's odd is that you have to remove the cupcake cup before you use them, and burn them on a plate. I would've thought that the cupcake wrapper would serve as the jar for them.

The red velvet scent is heavenly, sweet and creamy and just like the real thing. If I didn't know better, I would definitely think that this soy wax cupcake candle was an actual cupcake.

The orange caramel crumble cupcake arrived a little smudged, with some wax down along the wrapper, but no harm done. The scent is less "cakey" than I would have expected, but quite orangey, which is great because I love oranges. The scent is also very sweet, you can practically get a toothache from smelling these cupcake candles for too long :)

Each cupcake came in its own individual celo bag, with color-coordinated ribbon tying it. Cute!

Votives. These were made to order, which was nice. You have to allow a few extra days for that, but I was in no hurry. The votive candles come in a set of 6. The scent, Pears & Petals, is a perfect fruity-floral scent. Plus I love the pale green color. It looks really nice.

Soy tealight candles Cinnamon Bun scented delicious smelling candle

Tealights. These were on clearance, though I don't know why because I think they look and smell great. Is cinnamon bun a seasonal scent? The tiny tealight candles are in little clear plastic cups, and came in a box of a dozen. The scent is a good blend of spicy and sweet, a little heavier on the spicy cinnamon.

I can't burn the candles while I'm in my dorm room, but they're all very fragrant even without being lit. I love them! It might take me a while to go through all these candles, but the next time I need more candles, I'll be coming back to Things that Make Scents.



  1. So glad to hear you like your prize!!! Great choices! I couldn't bring myself to burn my cupcakes!

  2. Oooh...those cupcake candles look delicious! That would be a hard thing to figure out shipping for. Especially summer time!

  3. love getting gifts in the mail! What a bunch of sweet smells!