Just Dyed: Warm Colors

Continued from the last post, these are my warm colorways in the latest merino lace and merino-silk fingering yarns. Some of them are already up in the shop, and the rest will be up soon.

Handpainted hand dyed merino lace yarns in warm colors pink yellow orange brown

Tangerine - Similar to Canary's Song, but warmer with more golden and terra cotta orange, on a yellow-orange base. Lace weight.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - Mmmmmmmm! Dark warm reddish pink and brownish gray, a lace yarn that melts in your mouth.
Melted Neapolitan - It was just going to be Neapolitan, but the colors got mixed! The ice cream melted. So now it's warm reddish chocolatey brown, pale sweet strawberry pink, and creamy yellow-peach-pink vanilla. Fingering weight.
Pink Elephants on Parade - They're here... they're there... Pink elephants everywhere...! Lace weight.
Parma Violet - My first try at duplicating a previous color. Turned out well, I think. A delicate, feminine lavender purple semisolid lace named for a violet-flavored candy.



  1. Wonderful palette between these two posts...if I may say, your colors are just delicious!! I'm a sucker for lovely pastels...pinks, greens...all of it!

  2. These are great....pastel without being tooooo pastel. The colors have depth to them.

  3. Pastels for summer, very nice!

  4. Ok, wow, I have no idea how to knit or anything but your yarn is absolutey gorgeous, it makes me want to learn just so I could play with the yarn. I'm sorry for blabbering, I just thought your yarn was so lovely!