I have a problem

Today I skipped class in order to knit.

Next thing you know, I'll be out on the street corner begging people for string or meeting with cashmere dealers in the middle of the night.



  1. I dunno really. I just submit to search engines, drop on EC and Adgitise.

    To get that on Adgitise I write an article a day, click on the maximum adverts (usually about 50), and also have an advertisement with them. (That gives you an extra 100points).

    Article=100points (for advertiser), Advertising=100points, 50ish clicks=100 points. If you do that you'll get at least 50cents a day I think. Also advertising gets more people to you as well, so that increases you page hit.

    With four Adgitise ads and your traffic (I looked at your PW too! ;) ) you should get about 350points a day.

    Good luck!

  2. Well you know what they say Joyuna. The first step to beating the problem is to acknowledge that you have one. It's just as well I'm not obsessive about scrapbooking (hmmm hmmm.

  3. You just say," I am Joyuna and I am a knitaholic" after you enter the meeting....

  4. You just made me laugh out loud! I know exactly how you feel. I'm always crafting little ways of getting out of social engagements so that I can knit. Is that sad and antisocial or what? It's a physical addiction though, it really is.