Cashmere merino socks... mmm...

I finished the Coriolis socks a few days ago. Then I put them on.


Handknit cashmere merino handpainted socks in blue and green in Cat Bordhi's New Pathways Coriolis pattern

The biased coriolis band is definitely tight, but it has stretched out a little in pulling them off and on, and it should even out a little better with washing. If you have a high instep or large calves, take the biasing into account if you knit these socks. It is way less elastic than the surrounding knitted fabric. I've heard people having similar problems with knitting Jaywalker socks.

I said last time that I wasn't sure if I would get them done in time for the SKA Sockdown, and I finished them on May 1. I was actually knitting right up til midnight the night before... Thursday is knitting group night. I was about one inch from finishing before midnight struck. I went to bed, and finished them up the next day. I actually knit the second sock in less than a week!

Even though I didn't get these socks done in time for Sockdown, today I cast on a sock for the May sockdown, and unless something major happens in my life, I should be able to finish it in plenty of time. I cast on 'Brainless', by Yarnissima, but it's not so brainless for me. I'm learning cables without a cable needle, but cables are painful for me with or without a cable needle. I'll tell you more about my progress when I take some pictures and get a little more done.


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