What I'm working on: Japanese Feather & Fan Shawl

Lately, with starting up the shop and all, I haven't really been blogging about what this blog is supposed to be about: Knitting! Truth be told, I haven't been knitting all that much lately. Between school, the shop, and everything else going on my knitting productivity has sharply decreased. I have been working on a pair of socks, as well as this: The Japanese Feather & Fan Shawl. Rav

Forest green Buffalo Gold bison cashmere knitted lace shawl

I promise I'll take a better picture later, post-blocking. Really, the pattern is absolutely gorgeous and it looks much more complicated than it actually is. This pattern is for a curving semicircular shawl in eight sections. Because I'm using my one tiny skein of Buffalo Gold Lux bison yarn that I won in a raffle, I deleted one section on either end, which should reduce the yarn consumption and give me more of a true half-circle.

I only have 330 yards of buffalo yarn, and I'm not sure how far I will be able to stretch it. Hopefully it'll end up as a Swallowtail-sized shawlette that I'll be able to wrap around my neck, enjoying the feel of the yarn and looking fabulous while doing so.

The first 50 rows went by in a flash, as the first few sections of center-outward shawls tend to do. Now I've got quite a few stitches on my needles and each row completed is an epic achievement. I'll keep you posted as to whether I ever actually finish it, and how big of a shawl can you REALLY make with only 330 yards of lace yarn.



  1. That's very beautiful! I love the color...did you hand dye the yarn too?

  2. No, this yarn came in this color. :) It's a nice heathered forest green, perfect for the lace pattern.

  3. Hi Joy, just wanted to stop and say a quick thank you for your informative comment on Etsy at my blog. I sure appreciate it :)

    By the way, I agree that this color is gorgeous!


  4. It is stunning! My knitting, sadly never got past squares and rectangles. The directions confound me. Although I can make very cute little teddy bears...
    I envy your talent

  5. Joy, thank you for entering in my give away. Great news, you are the lucky winner! I haven't posted the announcement yet, it's scheduled for tomorrow at 9AM, but since I'll be at work all day I figured I'd go ahead and give you the good news:) Congrats! Please leave a comment with an email address I can reach you at so that I can get your address to send you the prize:)

  6. I love it! Can't wait to see it finished.