Some of my Etsy favorites, edition 1

One would think that selling things on Etsy would result in more making money than spending money - more selling than shopping... Right? Well, I'm afraid this simply isn't the case. Spending such a large chunk of time on a website that has thousands of so talented artists has resulted in more than a few orders and more than a hundred 'hearts'. These are some of the favorite sellers that I've encountered so far.

FeltFarm is an ENORMOUSLY talented needlefelter that makes all manner of fun items, from toys to earrings to hairsticks. I ordered a pair of Redwing Blackbird earrings, and they are simply gorgeous. Her creations are really beautiful and her shipping is fast.

Redwing Blackbird Needle felted earrings

LuckyAccessories' peapod necklaces strike a balance between the cute, themed jewelry and the beautiful, elegant jewelry: sterling silver and freshwater pearls, shaped into the form of a pea pod.

Green pearls and sterling silver peapod necklace

Sqwish's colors are just wonderful. I'm always running across this shop in searches and every time I have to stop and admire them. Roving AND yarn: a great combination, in my opinion. :D

Beautiful hand-dyed roving

Finally, Jolieguillebeau just has an amazing idea: pairing jewelry with art. Each pair of earrings or necklace comes with a watercolor sketch of the same theme. It's a great idea, and a way to enjoy two crafts at the same time.

Watercolor painting and rainbow beaded necklace

Here are some other of my Etsy favorites.
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  1. I have the same problem... there are too many good things on Etsy to tempt me.