More hand painted cashmere sock yarn

Last weekend I went home and dyed up the remaining skeins I had of the cashmere sock yarn! This is the remainder of what I ordered, and the shop I ordered from is now sold out, which is very unfortunate because I love this yarn. It's soft, squishy, fuzzy, and just plain luxurious. (I've written about it before here and here, about knitting with it) Here's a preview:

Hand dyed cashmere merino sock yarn by Joyuna on Etsy

I'm really pleased with the way these batches turned out. I got a bottle of black food coloring, which didn't turn out black (the colors separate during the dyeing process), but instead some awesome shades of purpley and orangey brown.

Handpainted purple yellow blue green cashmere knitting sock yarn

The colorways in this batch are Canary's Song, Beach Surf, Parma Violet, and Green-Winged Teal. I'll be listing them over the weekend.