Etsy favorites, edition 2: Geekery

Here comes edition 2 of Joyuna's Etsy favorites! This time, I am focusing on a theme: Anything geeky, smart, nerdy, and/or clever.

First off, CosmicFunPalace makes earrings and pins from Lego pieces (Star Wars and Harry Potter). Too funny! Imagine having some Storm Troopers dangling from your ears. You'd be the belle of the convention.

Handmade Star Wars Storm Trooper Earrings

ClairePayne makes all kinds of adorable objects out of felt, including these adorable plushie planets. There's also amoeba and red blood cells. Shown: Sad non-planet Pluto.

Handmade felt plushie planet Pluto

Ruby42. Cross-stitch. Black and white, no mixing. Beautiful. Hurm.

Handmade Watchmen Rorschach blot cross stitch

Windtwirler's origami jewelry is too cute! There's an endless number of shapes, colors, and patterns too. Look around for a while and something will grab your attention for sure.

Handmade origami octopus glitter earrings


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