*sniff sniff*

The lavender is here!

Pink and orange knitted lavender sachets

Oh me oh my, I am thrilled. Not only does my dorm smell AWESOME now, but I can post a whole slew of Etsy listings I've been working on. Two weeks I've waited for this order, which consists of lavender, roses, and organza bags. I'm assembling organza sachets as well as some handknit ones of my own, in all sorts of fun shapes.

Lavender filled rose flower handspun handknit

Basically I've been working out how to knit various shapes. My knit fruit were the early results of this. "This does not look like a sphere. Oh well, I guess I'll turn it into a pear..."

All my various sachets are knit in the round, on DPNs, and are totally seamless. Because that's how I roll.
Yes, even the pyramid.
I made a seamless pyramid!

Handspun knitted lavender scented pyramid

I'm thinking about writing up the patterns for these, because they are simpler than you'd think and a really perfect way to use up scrap yarn. Some girls in my knitting group have even given me some of their scraps to use up, since I am going through my own at an alarming rate. These little things are cute, fast, and addictive. And I love lavender, so hopefully other people will like them too.

In other Etsy news, one of my fellow Buckeye knitting girls has opened up an Etsy shop with her man. Check out REminders for all your stitch-marking needs.


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