Handknit Heroes - Issue 1 - Review

Recently I received the first issue of a new comic series called Handknit Heroes.

First issue of knitting comic Handknit Heroes

That's right, they're cashing in on that prominent demographic of knitting comic readers (don't laugh, I actually know a few and am one myself).

The premise is simple enough - A quarterly superhero comic involving fiber arts in various ways, with a pattern at the end of the issue. The story is simple so far, about a trio of superpowered teenagers (twin siblings and the sister's best friend) and a mad(?) scientist mom. (Who knits. Naturelement.) Being the first issue, introducing the characters, there isn't much to say about the story so far other than it's intriguing and well enough written.

I wasn't sure about the art looking at the cover, but it's fine throughout the issue and I've seen much, much worse looking art in comics elsewhere. Emotions are expressed well and the panel layout is varied and interesting - it definitely doesn't look like someone's first try at making a comic.

Main heroine of Handknit Heroes with her hooded scarf

The pattern included is for a hooded scarf, very simple, which the main character wears during the course of the issue. (Rav link) It's plain they were aiming it towards the beginning knitter, because it is nothing but ribbing seamed up at the end. Not really my cup of tea, but it's a clever pattern for its details, it has a schematic (a scarf! with a schematic!), and the drawn pictures accompanying it, consistent with the style of the rest of the comic, are a nice touch.

I was excited about this comic before I received it, and I'm excited to see it continue. It's a fun concept, and executed well. It's fun to read. Hopefully future issues will be just as good or better, and it will be interesting not just as a novelty.


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