Off to Europe to see my prince

Tonight I get on a plane to spend the holidays in England with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend asleep in the car with Doctor Who knitted scarf

Charming, isn't he? :]]

He's a good one, too. He's taking me to Loop in London, as well as another yarn shop in his hometown. And also Bravissimio.

In preparation for my trip to wonderful, cold, rainy England, I have prepared these KICK ASS OWL MITTENS!

Handknit owl mittens

♥ ^^

So, I am off. I shall return with yarn, and British candy, and wonderfulness. When I return, I begin swatching for Wings of a Dream with dreamy Colourmart Cash-silk.

Colourmart blue cashmere silk lace yarn

Colourmart cashsilk blue galaxy yarn

And more socks.


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