Sock Marathon, part two

So here we go... Day-by-day results. I managed a pair of Very Large men's socks in 11 days. I'm kinda proud. :)

Day One:
Start of red Knit Picks Felici handknit sock

Day Two:
Knit Picks Felici knit sock

Day Three:
Red and Brown Knitpicks Felici handknit sock

Day Four:
Knit Picks Felici sock yarn sock

Day Five:
Red striped Felici handknit men's sock

Day Six:
Red Brown yellow striped handknit men's sock

Day Seven:
Pair of handknit men's socks

Day Eight:
Selfstriping knitted men's socks

Day Nine:
Knitpicks Felici Handknit boy's socks

(Day Ten I didn't take a photo, but basically I had done the rest of the ribbing and was a few rows away from casting off.)
Day Eleven - FINISHED!:
Finished pair of red and brown striped socks


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